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Popular mandate, not Cong charity, made Modi PM: Shah

GUWAHATI/ NEW DELHI: In a clear hardening of the government’s stand over the opposition’s decision to skip the inauguration of the new Parliament building, home minister Amit Shah said the boycott would make no difference as Narendra Modi had twice been elected PM with a popular mandate and not because of the charity of Congress and its allies.
“I want to make it clear to Congress leaders that your boycott is immaterial as PM Modi enjoys the blessings of the people of the whole country. And the entire country wants him to become the prime minister for a third time with more than 300 seats,” Shah said at a rally organised in Guwahati to mark the second anniversary of the Himanta Biswa Sarma-led government.
Shah’s remarks on the occasion, where he distributed 44,000 appointment letters, marked a switch from his non-combative tone at the press conference in Delhi on Wednesday. Announcing the installation of ‘sengol’ – a sceptre which is seen in the Hindu tradition as a symbol of fair and ethical governance – in the new Parliament building, the home minister, when asked about the opposition’s boycott call, had restricted himself to saying that unveiling of the new Parliament complex should not be politicised.
On Thursday, however, Shah hit out at Congress and its allies. He said the decision of Congress and its allies to boycott the event was an example of petty, partisan politics and the hostility they had towards the PM who has won two consecutive terms with clear majorities.

“Modi has become the prime minister with people’s mandate. A democracy is run by the people and not by the whims of Congress. But the Congress and its ‘raj parivar’ have not been able to accept Modi as PM even nine years after he took over. They don’t allow Modi ji to speak in Parliament. They boycott the events of the prime minister,” Shah said as he warned that the negative approach and hostile mindset of Congress and its allies would not go unpunished.

Amit Shah confident: Modi to secure third term as PM, Congress unlikely to maintain current Lok Sabha seat tally


Amit Shah confident: Modi to secure third term as PM, Congress unlikely to maintain current Lok Sabha seat tally

“They failed to win enough number of seats to be recognised as the opposition. Their tally will drop further as Modi ji will again be elected prime minister with a score of more than 300 seats,” Shah said. He warned Congress’s allies that they would meet the same fate as Congress.
Shah said Congress’s claim that it has decided not to participate in the inauguration ceremony because of the exclusion of President Droupadi Murmu was just a smokescreen for their petty, partisan politics.

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